Da Vinci | Poker Tournament

Wanted: poker faces! Can you challenge and beat our traders? Show us! 😊 On Saturday November 12th the doors to our monthly poker night will be opened for interested students in their 3rd year or higher in a quantitative study such as math, econometrics, physics, engineering. Join us at our office in Amsterdam for an evening of competition, bluff and excitement. Not your game? No worries, you can leave the poker table and play table tennis, pool or board games with us. 18:00-18:30 trading floor tour 18:30-19:00 pizzas and drinks 19:00-23:00 poker tournament 23:00- 23:30 winner announcement You can sign up until November 10th and one day later we will let you know if we can accommodate all the people that registered. We are looking forward to welcoming you!

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