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Frequently asked questions

Why the name ‘Da Vinci’?

Our name is inspired by Leonardo da Vinci, a scientist and artist and one of the most brilliant minds in human history. It is a satisfying coincidence that if you take the first phonetic syllable of each of our founders’ names, David, Vidit and Jiteshu, you get ‘Da Vinci’.

What’s it like to work at Da Vinci?

Our employees are our most important assets, and we invest heavily in their growth and happiness. Da Vinci creates a workplace that offers challenges and opportunities that are highly rewarding to motivated individuals. The environment is dynamic, and no two days are the same.

We foster an open environment where employees are encouraged to speak honestly about their challenges and bring new ideas to the table. We are non-hierarchical, which means everyone is instrumental to working towards our company goals.

It’s best to hear Da Vinci team members describe their experiences in their own words: discover life at Da Vinci.

Why Amsterdam?

We chose Amsterdam as the location for our headquarters because it’s an inspiring place to work with a strong historical connection to trading. The world’s first stock market was established in 1602 in Amsterdam, which is why many trading companies call Amsterdam their home. No other city can compete with Amsterdam’s exciting atmosphere for trading and market engagement.

Is Da Vinci a high-frequency trading firm?
Our focus is not solely on speed, as that would make us dependent on one strategy and vulnerable as a consequence. Rather, our attention is aimed at creating new strategies across a variety of systems.
I know Da Vinci is a proprietary trading firm. What does that mean?
Da Vinci, as a proprietary trading firm, trades solely with its own money creating natural risk awareness and does not have clients.
What products does Da Vinci trade, and what exchanges are you active in?
Da Vinci trades a variety of financial products, focusing on options as well as stocks and futures for hedging purposes. We trade on all important exchanges in Brazil and the USA, with plans to expand to Asia.
How many people work at Da Vinci?

We currently have 100 Davincians across Amsterdam and Mumbai. As we expand our business and open new offices across the globe we aim to grow our numbers sustainably. Our team benefits from having a mutual respect for each other both professionally and personally. We all know each other and work together closely across desks, departments and functions.

What makes Da Vinci different from other firms?

We currently have the luxury of being relatively small and agile. While we are growing, our plans will allow us to remain flexible and connected.

What makes our firm unique is its challenging yet supportive work environment, which prioritises cooperation and respectful collaboration. We nurture innovation and provide access to in-house training and external educational programs.

I’m moving to Amsterdam from another country. Will there be any support to help me discover my new home?

We offer our expat employees a relocation package and support their settling in the Netherlands. There are lots of company-sponsored activities that will give you a chance to get to know your colleagues outside work and explore the city, including Friday drinks, game evenings, seasonal parties, and company trips.

Do you offer internship or thesis writing opportunities at Da Vinci?

We offer a 6 weeks summer internship program as well as part-time roles for students located in The Netherlands. Check out our career page and follow us on social media to keep up with the latest Da Vinci news.

What does the Da Vinci application process look like?

Our application process includes three steps: CV submission, assessments, and interviews.

Learn more about Da Vinci’s application process.

How can I submit my application?
We handle applications centrally through our website. Please submit all applications through the Careers page. Applications sent via email, LinkedIn or other channels will not be processed.
What do the Da Vinci application challenges entail?

If you apply for a trader position, you will be required to complete a numerical quiz.

If you apply for a quant researcher position, you will be required to complete a numerical quiz as well as a programming challenge.

If you apply for a software engineer position, you will be required to complete a coding challenge.

How can I prepare for the numerical quiz?

The numerical quiz consists of mental arithmetics and approximations. When preparing for the quiz, you should know that candidates are only allowed to take the same assessment once. So, we advise you to prepare well and only take the quiz in optimal conditions. Unfortunately, this means that if you fail, you will not be able to re-apply for any role that entails that same assessment. Please note that although we do change the questions periodically, this does not happen very often. As the quiz is also meant to evaluate candidates’ ability to deal with unexpected circumstances, we do not provide extra information about it or example questions. While we do not have a specific source to direct candidates to, any online sources where one can practice fast mental calculations, and approximations could help with preparation.

How can I prepare for the programming challenge?

To help you prepare for the quant researcher programming challenge, we can share some important aspects that we look at:

  • Understanding of the trading concept
  • Correctness of the implementation
  • Cross-verification of the results (possibly intuitively or with data)
  • Structure of the code

We expect successful candidates to excel in at least one of these aspects and meet our standards in the others.

How can I prepare for the coding challenge?

To help you prepare for the software engineer coding challenge, we can tell you who we are hoping to find with this test:

  • Developers that have in-depth professional experience in the financial industry or relevant work and can quickly get to full speed, independently picking up on day-to-day feature requests by trading, or
  • Developers without the industry experience but with the ability to realize that there may be more to the requirements than meets the eye, ask the right questions and present efficient and practical solutions.
Can I apply for multiple positions at the same time?
We encourage applicants to apply for one position at a time. If you are open to being considered for other positions, please list these in your motivation letter, and we will take that into account.
What is the difference between the Trader and Quant Researcher roles?

The main difference is that traders establish trading strategies and actively take positions in the market; it is key to be able to intuitively understand the opportunities in the market and make decisions fast. Quants are complex problem solvers who analyse trades to find inefficiencies and work on building and improving trading algorithms to make sure our strategies are always ahead of the game. 

If all goes well, when will I start?

We are continuously hiring for our 3 keys roles, so there is no strict deadline for the application or set starting date. However, we do prefer graduate candidates to start in groups. This is because of the training that we offer at the beginning of your career at Da Vinci. Normally we have training classes starting in March, July, and September. We believe it’s nicer for newcomers to start together with a few more people, so they can easily connect with their peers in their first weeks and support each other in the learning process. In any case, we always discuss a preferred starting date with the candidate and we can be quite flexible.

What training will I get at Da Vinci?
We invest extensive time and effort in our employees’ training and development. All new starters complete an onboarding program so that they feel comfortable and confident when they begin their roles.
What is the career progression at Da Vinci?
All employees are encouraged to develop their independent work and collaboration skills and are coached by more senior members of staff. Your progression is dependent on your performance and abilities, and many employees see their careers advance quickly. We recognise talent and reward employees based on performance, not seniority.