A trading house
for game-changers

A trading house for game-changers

Da Vinci is a proprietary trading house made up of some of the sharpest minds and most passionate players in the industry.

We’re motivated by the common goal to create the best trading house in the world.

Our story

Da Vinci was founded in 2015 after a group of passionate trading experts found themselves envisioning a new way of working.

We are building the best proprietary trading firm by keeping our work smart and by making the most of our team’s strategic minds. We’ve established a unique approach to trading and have high standards for workplace ethics. In the years since 2015, we’ve become an established name in the market and are continuing to grow at a steady pace.

We are headquartered in the home of the world’s first stock market, Amsterdam, and we have opened a second office in Mumbai. Today, we trade on the most prominent exchanges across South America and the US. Our vision is set on sustainable growth, with new offices opening in Asia and the US soon. As a proprietary trading house, we trade solely with our own money. We use short to medium-term strategies to trade various financial instruments worldwide.

Doing things differently

Becoming the best in the world means building a team of first-rate talent with the most innovative ideas. The real value comes from how we work and grow together, making working at Da Vinci stimulating and rewarding.

We love what we do and on the floor, you can find traders, software engineers and researchers working closely together and enjoying every minute of it. No matter their role, everyone can see their contribution to Da Vinci’s continuous growth as a key player in the market. This is what drives us.

We believe our team must consistently feel both challenged and supported, which is why we encourage our employees to take ownership of their work and step out of their comfort zone while providing them with all the tools that they need to succeed.

How we contribute

It is our responsibility to contribute to the trading industry and society by creating a more transparent and sustainable investment environment. We actively and continuously participate in industry fora and stimulate valuable discussions.
Our company is owned and managed by its employees and is highly meritocratic and entrepreneurial by nature. Our people are our most valuable assets, and we invest in their professional and personal development by providing them with everything they need to reach their full potential. We value diversity of experience and we seek individuals with a willingness to learn and a desire to challenge themselves.
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