The art of trading

Da Vinci is a proprietary trading house made up of some of the sharpest minds and most passionate players in the industry.

We are building the best trading house in the world by continuously challenging existing ways of thinking.

At Da Vinci, we solve market inefficiencies. We identify opportunities based on short to medium-term strategies and we provide liquidity to the markets.

Our headquarters are located in Amsterdam, home to the first-ever stock market and one of the biggest financial hubs in the world.

We always keep our work smart and innovative and are building a team of trading enthusiasts.


Let’s change the game together!

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Be good, work hard and great things will happen

Working at Da Vinci

Every member of our team stands out for their sharp mind and strong drive, but we do our best work together. Our players are not only intelligent but inventive, lazer-focused and highly efficient. We are nonhierarchical and support employees in exploring their interests and strengths, placing no limit on personal growth. We encourage our people to speak up, providing everyone with an opportunity to shape the firm’s future.


Communication and collaboration are what make a strong team, so you can find traders, software engineers, and researchers working closely together every day.


We don’t believe in doing things the way they’ve always been done. Innovation is what will carry us forward and is key to our long-term success.


At Da Vinci, we find motivation in the everyday challenges of trading and staying one step ahead of everyone else. In doing so we make markets more efficient and competitive.


Everyone is committed to moving the company forward. We work hard to achieve our goals and have a lot of fun doing it.

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Let's change the game together!